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Unashamed gushing about Journey (PSN)

29 Mar


Journey was recommended to me by a colleague. If ever there was proof that I live under a rock, my complete lack of knowledge of ThatGameCompany‘s third offering is probably it – it seemed to be all over the place once I’d heard about it.

Back when I first got my PS3, I loved Flower – it looked gorgeous and the gameplay was really different to anything I’d experienced before. It got me through some heavy dissertation-writing sessions – the visuals are lovely and it’s just so relaxing; it’s a bit like meditating. ¬†Journey takes that innovative experience and ups the ante. ¬†I’m going to attempt to write this without gushing but I’ll back my praise up with the fact that it’s apparently now the fastest selling PSN title ever.

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News: Mega Shark 3 announced

27 Mar

Yes, my friends, the blog-o-sphere is rife with reports that The Asylum have announced a third Mega Shark movie. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus was the starting point for my interest in this type of crazy movie – as I’m sure it was for many people – so I’m fairly excited about this news.

Apparently this news comes after fans sent in a petition to continue the series. This installment takes Mega Shark even further than before – ‘she’ faces a mechanical version of herself, specially built by the American Army to take her down! It sounds like something out of Power Rangers!

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Taking the Chill Off – 2012: Ice Age Reviewed

22 Mar
Mashup Poster

This is what DirecTV thought the movie was…

In another situation I might not have done this review. I’ve seen plenty of b-movies that I just watch, but DirecTV triggered my OCD-driven need to review it when they mislabeled this a few weeks back. I thought it was weird that in the middle of a disaster movie marathon SyFy would show the animated Ice Age (you know, the one with Ray Romano as a mammoth and Denis Leary as a saber-tooth?), but who was I to question them? Realizing that I had missed seeing this made me track it down (yay NetFlix!), and once I put in that effort a review became inevitable.

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It’s coming right for us!!

17 Mar

I happened upon Snow Beast while channel-hopping while visiting my parents and the first thing we saw was the Snow Beast peering around a tree-trunk roaring. We were in such hysterics at what we saw that we just had to keep watching – no matter how rubbish.

I obviously didn’t see the build-up but it’s not exactly hard to catch up on a tale of a yeti monster bashing people’s skulls open. Given the standard of “special effects” (read: a white gorilla suit) that went into the production of the beast, it was fairly obvious that the writing and acting would be on par.

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