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Unashamed gushing about Journey (PSN)

29 Mar


Journey was recommended to me by a colleague. If ever there was proof that I live under a rock, my complete lack of knowledge of ThatGameCompany‘s third offering is probably it – it seemed to be all over the place once I’d heard about it.

Back when I first got my PS3, I loved Flower – it looked gorgeous and the gameplay was really different to anything I’d experienced before. It got me through some heavy dissertation-writing sessions – the visuals are lovely and it’s just so relaxing; it’s a bit like meditating.  Journey takes that innovative experience and ups the ante.  I’m going to attempt to write this without gushing but I’ll back my praise up with the fact that it’s apparently now the fastest selling PSN title ever.

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News: Mega Shark 3 announced

27 Mar

Yes, my friends, the blog-o-sphere is rife with reports that The Asylum have announced a third Mega Shark movie. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus was the starting point for my interest in this type of crazy movie – as I’m sure it was for many people – so I’m fairly excited about this news.

Apparently this news comes after fans sent in a petition to continue the series. This installment takes Mega Shark even further than before – ‘she’ faces a mechanical version of herself, specially built by the American Army to take her down! It sounds like something out of Power Rangers!

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Taking the Chill Off – 2012: Ice Age Reviewed

22 Mar
Mashup Poster

This is what DirecTV thought the movie was…

In another situation I might not have done this review. I’ve seen plenty of b-movies that I just watch, but DirecTV triggered my OCD-driven need to review it when they mislabeled this a few weeks back. I thought it was weird that in the middle of a disaster movie marathon SyFy would show the animated Ice Age (you know, the one with Ray Romano as a mammoth and Denis Leary as a saber-tooth?), but who was I to question them? Realizing that I had missed seeing this made me track it down (yay NetFlix!), and once I put in that effort a review became inevitable.

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It’s coming right for us!!

17 Mar

I happened upon Snow Beast while channel-hopping while visiting my parents and the first thing we saw was the Snow Beast peering around a tree-trunk roaring. We were in such hysterics at what we saw that we just had to keep watching – no matter how rubbish.

I obviously didn’t see the build-up but it’s not exactly hard to catch up on a tale of a yeti monster bashing people’s skulls open. Given the standard of “special effects” (read: a white gorilla suit) that went into the production of the beast, it was fairly obvious that the writing and acting would be on par.

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