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On and on and on: Endless Space Reviewed

14 Jan
Start Screen

Be prepared for a looong journey…

When I was young(er), I played the hell out of a little space strategy game series called Masters of Orion (MOO). It pioneered (or at least made popular) the 4x genre (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), and was brilliantly designed (except for the third game, which was a bit of a wreck). Games have come and gone since then, attempting to recapture the magic, but none have come close. So how does Endless Space compare? Continue reading

It Flies? Super Shark Reviewed

11 Jan
Fake Poster

He makes Jaws look like Flipper…

Rare is the movie that gets it all right. I don’t mean that in a “Silence of the Lambs”, “The Godfather”, or “Joe vs. the Volcano” way. I mean when a movie hits a certain level of bat-shit crazy, so bad it’s good, b-movie awesomeness and keeps things there for most of the film. And never takes itself too seriously – a fatal flaw many movies of this ilk suffer from. Mega Piranha comes to mind when I think of the short list of movies that have hit this “zone”. With Super Shark, I’m happy to say a new movie has made it to that list. Continue reading

We’re a Year Old – Time for a Contest

4 Jan

We’re over a year old now (well, the blog is – we are both well over the age of 1) and to celebrate we’re holding a competition of sorts – watch the video for more information.

Dodgy acting, weird hats, and a competition – don’t say we’re not good to you!

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