We’re a Year Old – Time for a Contest

4 Jan

We’re over a year old now (well, the blog is – we are both well over the age of 1) and to celebrate we’re holding a competition of sorts – watch the video for more information.

Dodgy acting, weird hats, and a competition – don’t say we’re not good to you!

One Response to “We’re a Year Old – Time for a Contest”

  1. DIA Editor January 5, 2013 at 2:52 am #

    Second Degree Burns
    An original screenplay concept by

    Action:A mild mannered architect teams up with a shady used car salesman to clone human children.

    As the story unfolds, the mild mannered architect falls in love with a street wise kid who has an army of trained monkeys which they use to their advantage.

    Through absolute blind luck they manage to destroy 2 meth labs, find the treasure and win the respect of mob informants.

    Think Jurassic Park meets Twister.


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