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Death Swarmed Over – Starcraft 2:Heart of the Swarm Reviewed

30 Mar
Blizzard's really running out of expansion ideas...

Blizzard’s really running out of expansion ideas…

I admit it – I sometimes watch those Major League Gaming tournaments (yes, that’s a thing). There’s something about the manic enthusiasm of the announcers and the cheers of the crowd while two people in sound-isolating booths throw pixelated armies at each other that I find utterly mesmerizing.

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Running in Circles – Sim City Video Review

18 Mar

Snowed Under – Snow Shark Reviewed

14 Mar
Those Eskimo spring breakers really made a mistake when they tossed out that old hat they found...

Those Eskimo spring breakers really made a mistake when they tossed out that old hat they found…

I heard about Snow Shark the day after I saw the b-movie awesomeness that was Super Shark for the first time. To say I was looking forward to this coming out would be a massive understatement.

Finally, release day arrived and I was at last able to watch this.

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Arachnoquake (pretty much minus the quake)

10 Mar


It seems like there’s been a bit of a lapse in spider-related films.  I guess goblin sharks and mutated piranhas are slightly more terrifying than the common spider these days.  Arachnoquake attempts to make spiders scary once again.  It fails.

There’s a bit of an issue with the name of this film too – sure, there’s an earthquake that’s set before the story picks up, but er…that’s about it.  I wanted lava and giant gaping holes on the ground with massive hairy legs coming out.  Instead, we got essentially one crack in a road and a few tiny pink spiders – we all know nothing is more threatening than pink.  I mean, just look at Mr Blobby.  *shudders*

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