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Squirrels: The horror movie

20 Aug

I just saw this on neatorama and had to share. Someone is trying to make a feature-length film called “Squirrels” – a horror movie about killer squirrels! I don’t know about you, but I’d watch the hell outta this…

Civilization V: Brave New World Reviewed

17 Aug
It's a... well you get the idea.

It’s a… well you get the idea.

Hello. My name is Tom, and I’m a Civ addict.

*Hello, Tom*

I’ve been a civiliation addict since the first game came out some 20 years ago (God, I feel old). Those early, epic sessions where I’d start with the idea of only playing for an hour, only to realize too late that the sun had gone down – and then come back up. It’s the game series that taught me “one more turn” is the most evil phrase in existence.

So when a new Civilization game comes out, I pounce on it. When an expansion comes out, I’ll be there. It was only natural I’d grab the latest DLC for Civ V – Brave New World. I’ve actualy had this since it was released, but alas I don’t have the free time I used to (did I mention how old I feel?), and as you can probably tell I don’t do these reviews for a living. Hence the delayed review. How does this DLC fare? Continue reading

Save vs Sequel – The Gamers: Hands of Fate Reviewed

15 Aug
Jazz Hands!

Jazz Hands!

This isn’t technically the type of movie we normally review, but I haven’t posted a review in a while and just finished watching this. Besides, I still have to wait a bit for Sharknado to become irrelevant enough to put a review out – wouldn’t want to buck the timeliness trend that I’ve been nurturing throughout most of my other reviews.

I’ll try as hard as I can to avoid spoilers, but some small ones may slip through. You have been warned…

I found The Gamers: Dorkness Rising years ago on Netflix and instantly loved it – saw it over and over as I played it for different sets of unenlightened friends. I enjoyed the quirky gaming humor and the brilliant inter-cutting between the game within the movie and the “real life” world of the players. So when I heard about the KickStarter campaign to fund a sequel, I jumped at the chance to contribute (I’m actually in the credits in this one, if you wait long enough) and eagerly awaited its release. Did this new movie live up to my expectations?

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Resident Evil: Afterlife – now with more slow-mo than ever

10 Aug

I’ve watched a lot of garbage recently – films so truly crap I’ve not been able to actually pull an article out of them – I didn’t think “This is utter garbage” would be one of our more popular posts. Also, I couldn’t be bothered. But mostly the former.

I’ve taken it upon myself to decorate my flat. As in the whole thing – not a single wall is safe. While painting every visible surface, I like to watch films – especially ones where people are kicking ass (apparently it’s motivational) – so Netflix has become my best friend through these trying times.

Netflix summaries Resident Evil: Afterlife as the following: “The Undead Apocalypse continues super-soldier Alice finds her way to a supposed sanctuary in Los Angeles, which may just be a deadly trap.” Now, I’m no expert, but I think if I were Alice I’d have started doing Admiral Ackbar impersonation at every available moment now, but I digress…

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