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CDC website has official zombie apocalypse guidelines

31 Dec

I’m aware this may be old news for some (apparently it was first added way back in 2011) – but I didn’t know about it (not being American and all) so tough.  What supposedly started as a tongue-in-cheek joke has now claimed a place on the official CDC (the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website.  Apparently they included a section on “Zombie preparedness” to reach new audiences and have now decided that it works quite well for other disaster situations too – so they’ve kept it on.  Muchos awesomeness.

That, or it’s so that when the zombie apocalypse eventually does happen, they can say “We told you to be prepared”…

Check out the guidelines


Coming soon: Mega Shark vs Mecha Shark

10 Dec

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Another shark film (because apparently we’ve completely run out of animals to feature in films) – this time it’s a giant shark vs a giant terminator shark.  And Debbie Gibson makes another appearance, of course.

Bask in the come-on-guys-it-might-be-losing-its-sheen-a-bit-now glory:

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Rubber: just plain weird.

6 Dec

I heard about Rubber a few years ago. Naturally, the concept of a film about a homicidal tyre appealed to my whimsical side – I imagined it had a lot of potential for stupidity and hilarity.  Which is technically true – it had the potential. Sure, it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival – which should’ve been a bit of a hint, but I wasn’t fazed (I have been known to watch some high-brow films in my time too).


I wanted stupidity.  I had high hopes it’d be a monster truck tyre…there’d be all kinds of whirling around people’s necks until their breath is cut off, bouncing on top of people’s heads and their heads smooshing with eyes popping out and really bad animation, dodgy bouncing sound effects, perhaps a reenactment of the boulder scene from Indiana Jones with a giant tyre …that kind of thing. Alas, no.  This is a serious film – or at least that’s what its director, Quentin Dupieux, was aiming for.

I think the build-up of expectations probably worked against it. Although, that period did include a large portion of time where I completely forgot about its existence, but hey… Anyway, Rubber opens in the middle of a desolate landscape – presumably somewhere in America. Standard. A bunch of observers are brought out to bear witness to the events by some guys wearing police outfits. There’s a rather philosophical cop narrating about life.

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