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2 Mar


Birdemic with a budget

This week we discovered that Michael Bay is set to remake the Hitchcock classic The Birds. Presumably with explosions galore, semi-naked women and, of course, the birds will need to be suped-up eagles or something. While I’ve seen the original and to be honest, wasn’t that bothered by it, I have a terrible feeling that the remake will end up more like Birdemic judging by his usual casting choices. While Birdemic is hilariously bad, that’s what it’s aiming for, and a Bay version will likely just end up being Birdemic with a budget.

via i09

RIP Harold Ramis

The world paid tribute to Harold Ramis after he died of an autoimmune disorder.  Most famous for his role as Egon in Ghostbusters, Ramis had also written and directed a myriad of other films.  We suggest you get the snacks in and embark on a voyage of (re)discovery of some of the films he was involved in:

  • Ghostbusters
  • Ghostbusters II
  • Groundhog Day
  • Caddyshack
  • Analyse This

via BBC

Celebrity meat

Supposedly a company called BiteLabs wants to start marketing celebrity meat.  The idea is that they will genetically engineer meat made from the DNA of various celebrities mixed with lab-grown animal meat.  They want people to show interest in the celebs they’d most like to eat by tweeting at them.  It’s been reported widely in a number of places but the cookie-cutter website they have seems a bit fishy (I know).  It reminds me of a film I watched recently called Antiviral where people would pay to get infected with the same diseases as their favourite celebrities and there was a blackmarket for meat.

Via The Independent

Moar Spider-man!

Sony have announced that they’d like to whore out spider-man make more money from the fans make a new spider-man-related film every year.

Because that doesn’t lead to saturation and a lowering of quality at all. No, no. Anyway, grumblings aside, this should lead to some films dedicated to Venom and The Sinister Six.

Via The Guardian

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