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7 Apr

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

The moment has arrived! No, I’m not talking about the singularity or life on other planets – nothing so mundane. Game of Thrones season four premiered this week. Who will live? Who will die? Who knows? Aside from those of us who’ve read the books and are living vicariously through the wails of the uninitiated.

Then again, as we get closer to the end of what GRRM has written so far, the potential for the TV show to veer off in new, surprising directions becomes greater. So, in essense…

To recap, here are the first three seasons – condensed to just the best bits (according to the voices in my head, anyway). As with all things GoT, be mindful of massive spoilers.

Or, if you prefer a musical number…

On the written side of things, George R.R. Martin came out with a new chapter to the next book – Winds of Winter – on his blog. Of course, no release date has been set yet.

HBO is currently gunning for about seven seasons. We’re on season four, and he’s got two more books to finish. You do the math.

Entitlement issues aside, I do hope he finishes before HBO catches (and passes) him. They’ll undoubtedly finish off the series without his books as a guide – if they have to – but I’d rather there not be two possibly very different endings.

In gaming news, Elder Scrolls Online has officially been released. I talked about this before while it was in beta. I’m still gathering my initial impressions, but for the most part I like what I’m seeing so far (lack of auction house aside).

On the movie front, as Amy mentioned earlier this week, Tucker and Dale vs Evil will be having a sequel. Fingers crossed it retains the magic from the original.

Captain America, Winter Soldier premiered this week to mostly favorable reviews. Disney continues to drive the Marvel franchise in a fun and entertaining direction, making me less worried about the upcoming Star Wars movie (which has apparently started filming) with each passing premiere.

Finally, April 1st came and went, bringing with it – aside from the requisite GRRM release date news – a slew of new “products” from ThinkGeek. They’ve made a habit of debuting joke products and then producing fan favorites (such as the tauntaun sleeping bag).

Here’s hoping the nerf nuke becomes a real thing. I really, really want this to become a real thing…

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