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In Your Eyes

25 May

While this isn’t really the type of film we’d normally write about on Two Geeks, it is Joss Whedon so it’s relevant in a way.

In Your Eyes

I’d seen In Your Eyes mentioned on a few blogs. It’s a Joss Whedon-penned vimeo-streamed feature film – available for rent for 72 hours online now. He wrote and produced it but it was directed by Brin Hill. It’s an interesting move in a number of ways – it’s a jump to low-budget for Whedon and also the direct online rental aspect is a bit of a change from the traditional methods – or using big streaming services like Netflix. Having had a look around the “On Demand” section of Vimeo, I’m not seeing anything that grabs me as much or has any big names but it’s a nice idea – the site says “most of the cash goes to the maker”.

Anyway, on to the film. Merely 3 minutes in, I was sold. Two kids, miles apart, linked together by a psychic bond. Both get injured when one gets hurt – as we find out when Becky has a sledging accident and Dylan shares her experience in a crowded classroom at school.

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Rifftrax Live: Sharknado!

3 May

On 10 July and 15 July the guys from Rifftrax/Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be doing a live broadcast commentary of everyone’s favourite shark-related weather phenomenon film – Sharknado!  It’ll be based in Minneapolis and shown in cinemas across America and Canada.

Tickets for the Minneapolis showing go on sale on Monday 5th May – get yours here

For people unfamiliar with Rifftrax, check out the best of their Twilight commentary:

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