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More Sharknado 3 Goodness

19 Apr

Oh, hell yes…

More Sharknado news to share. Looks like Archie and the gang will face off against a Sharknado of their own this July.

Timed to coincide with the SyFy premiere of Sharknado 3, this one-off comic is the latest oddly wonderful mashup by the folks over at Archie comics. They’ve tackled zombies and predators, but do they have the chainsaw chops to survive flying sharks? We’ll find out in a few months.

Iron Sky Presents…

16 Apr

I’ll just put this here…

Jedward to make an appearance in Sharknado 3

11 Apr

So, in one swift move, Sharknado 3 is shaping up to be literally the worst film ever (I mean, it sounded awesomely bad before but now, it’s on another level entirely).

It is apparently going to feature the incredibly irritating tour-de-force of ridiculousness that is, Jedward. For the Americans in our readership, if you haven’t heard of them, this is one of those things you should have been thankful for on Thanksgiving all these years. Very thankful.

I’ll just put these here… You have been warned.

Via Unreality Tv

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