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On and on and on: Endless Space Reviewed

14 Jan
Start Screen

Be prepared for a looong journey…

When I was young(er), I played the hell out of a little space strategy game series called Masters of Orion (MOO). It pioneered (or at least made popular) the 4x genre (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), and was brilliantly designed (except for the third game, which was a bit of a wreck). Games have come and gone since then, attempting to recapture the magic, but none have come close. So how does Endless Space compare? Continue reading


Assassin’s Creed 3 Reviewed

12 Dec
Is the fourth time the charm?

Is the fourth time the charm?

With Assassin’s Creed 3, the folks have Ubisoft have moved on from Renaissance Europe to Revolutionary America. Does the game sufficiently adapt to this new world order? Find out what we think below. Continue reading

Game Review – Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

17 Nov

I’ve long been a fan of Westwood’s campy Command & Conquer RTS series, so when I heard about this game I was excited. An online C&C game? Would this be similar to Age of Empires Online – a game I’ve thoroughly enjoyed?

Sadly, no. Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances is closer to Mafia Wars than anything in the C&C series. Continue reading

Video Review – XCOM: Enemy Unknown

15 Oct

Video Review – Saints Row the Third

1 Oct

Mass Effect 3’s New Endings – “Extended Cut” DLC Reviewed

27 Jun
Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut

Too Bad This Wasn’t in the Original Game

Back when Mass Effect 3 first came out, I played the hell out of it. It was a blast – an epic conclusion to the story.

Until I got to the original ending.

It’s the main reason I never posted a review. I loathed the original endings so much that I couldn’t get through the review without it turning into one giant rant. The same ending videos with only a different colored explosion to separate them, the leaps of logic, the glaring holes – I had the gaming wind knocked out of me. It wasn’t a sense of betrayal so much as extreme disappointment. Like books and movies, a game can survive a slow or even bad beginning if the end is great – but reverse that and the whole experience gets tainted.

Now the “Extended Cut” DLC is out, with “enhanced” versions of the endings – in addition to a fourth ending that was oddly missing the first time around. While there are still some issues, Bioware has gone a long way toward giving Mass Effect fans the epic ending we all expected. Continue reading

Carpal Tunneling: A Casual Addict’s Review of Diablo 3

3 Jun

The first one’s free…

Ah, the 90’s – I remember it fondly. That decade gave us alternative rock, cell phones that didn’t suck, and the beginnings of the modern internet. It also gave us Reality Bites and the Spice Girls, so don’t go confusing it with a golden age.

The mid 90’s gave us a dungeon crawling clickfest called Diablo. I loved that game – a gauntlet-like action game with the levelling and loot of an RPG. A few years later came Diablo II. By then I was a little tired of the formula, and never really got into the game.

Then I promptly forgot about it for a decade.

Now, their third effort is out, with pretty graphics and the multiplayer muscle of behind it. And while I can’t help but wonder if the decade-long wait was really worth it, the addicting gameplay that hooked me the first time is (sadly, for my free time) still present. Continue reading