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Yo Ho, Oh No, A Pirate’s Knife for Me – Far Cry 3 Reviewed

6 Apr
Trouble in paradise...

Trouble in paradise…

It’s been a while since I’ve played a shooter with a mouse and keyboard – at this point an Xbox controller just feels more comfortable for that type of game (at least to me).

But, sometimes you’ve got to leave your comfort zone – especially when you’ve just built a new gaming PC and want to see a game in all its ultra-settings glory. The sale on Steam didn’t hurt either, though after playing this I would have gladly paid full price. Continue reading


Running in Circles – Sim City Video Review

18 Mar

Sony Reveals Playstation 4 (Sort of)

22 Feb
It's here. Sort of.

It’s here. Sort of.

Has it really been 10 years since the PS3 came out? I remember watching the E3 announcements for the big three consoles with such a sense of excitement. Hi def! Blu-ray! Wireless controllers that don’t suck!

Would the PS3 make me switch from Microsoft to Sony? Would I be so blown away with the PlayStation 3 that I’d turn in my Xbox and never look back? Though I ended up with both a PS3 and a 360, I have to say I used the 360 far, far more. The PS3’s multi-player ecosystem just didn’t seem as good as Xbox live (which says a lot, since XBL wasn’t all that good 10 years ago), load times on the PS3 were atrocious, and I just could. not. stand. that controller. The PS3 made for an excellent Blu-ray player, though, and some of the exclusive titles made owning the console worthwhile (Uncharted 2 especially).

Cut to present day. Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 4. Sort of. We got vague information on the internals (x86 processor, 8GB GDDR5 RAM – though it sounds like the specs have not been finalized) and no shots of the console itself. We did get game-play footage, a few trailers, a tech demo (using the move to sculpt was probably the most impressive part of the announcement), and saw the controller. So, how does it look?

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Dishonored Reviewed

26 Oct
Title Screen

A three hour tour…

I was never a fan of the Thief games. They required way too much patience, and when you got caught (and I always got caught) you died very quickly. Then Deus Ex came along and stealth became just one option to achieving your goal – you could still sneak around, or you could go on a killing bender if you wanted. Suddenly, I loved stealth (I’m weird that way).

Dishonored is very much from that same mold, combining excellent level design with a beautifully fleshed out world to create an almost great game. Continue reading

Unashamed gushing about Journey (PSN)

29 Mar


Journey was recommended to me by a colleague. If ever there was proof that I live under a rock, my complete lack of knowledge of ThatGameCompany‘s third offering is probably it – it seemed to be all over the place once I’d heard about it.

Back when I first got my PS3, I loved Flower – it looked gorgeous and the gameplay was really different to anything I’d experienced before. It got me through some heavy dissertation-writing sessions – the visuals are lovely and it’s just so relaxing; it’s a bit like meditating.  Journey takes that innovative experience and ups the ante.  I’m going to attempt to write this without gushing but I’ll back my praise up with the fact that it’s apparently now the fastest selling PSN title ever.

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