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Coming soon: Zombeavers

20 Aug

We bring you “the next level of zombies”…Zombeavers!

After featuring at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, Zombeavers is looking at an October UK Blu-Ray release! This comes after a showing at the Film4 FrightFest in London tomorrow night. It stars such renowned veterans as…no one I’ve heard of. The special effects look…well, they’re special… The plot…sounds perfect – teens, killer zombie beavers, bad vagina jokes… What more could you possibly need?

I’ve not found any info about the US release as yet but I’d imagine it won’t be too long a wait.


NEWS FLASH – ‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ premieres tonight

31 Jul

I’m sure everyone is aware by now, but for those of you who happen to be living under a rock…Sharknado 2: The Second One is being shown on UK Syfy channel tonight at 9pm – “minutes after the US”. Squeeeeeeeeee!

Feast your eyes on the trailer to prepare yourself:

Rifftrax Live: Sharknado!

3 May

On 10 July and 15 July the guys from Rifftrax/Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be doing a live broadcast commentary of everyone’s favourite shark-related weather phenomenon film – Sharknado!  It’ll be based in Minneapolis and shown in cinemas across America and Canada.

Tickets for the Minneapolis showing go on sale on Monday 5th May – get yours here

For people unfamiliar with Rifftrax, check out the best of their Twilight commentary:

Via Geekosystem

(Hopefully) Coming Soon – Drop Bears!

13 Apr

People, I bring you exciting news that a kickstarter campaign is currently running to get funding for a film about killer koala bears.

Yes, you read that right.

It’s called “Drop bears”. As you can see, the trailer shows a bunch of er…cuddly toys being thrown on hammy actors and Monty Python-style OTT sprays of blood – always a good start in my opinion! I’m not entirely sure we need an entire feature-length film of this, but then again, did we really need one about a tornado filled with sharks?

Admittedly, we might not be seeing it, as it seems unlikely that they’ll reach their target at this stage – the campaign is sitting at around 6.5k of 90k and has just 12 days to go – but you never know!

Coming Soon – Poseidon Rex

9 Apr

A T-Rex that swims.

A T-Rex. That swims.

This looks pretty insane – in a good way. Definitely something to keep a watchful eye out for…

This Week in Geekery

7 Apr

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And there was much rejoicing!

2 Apr

At a recent Horror magazine festival (Horrorhound Weekend), Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine let slip that there will be a sequel to everyone’s favourite creepy-cabin-in-the-woods horror spoof – Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (read our review here).

The first film has attained cult status and frankly, I’ve never met a geek who didn’t love it.  While there is that ever-present worry that a sequel might fail to meet up to the standards of the original – which is highlighted by the actors themselves in the discussion panel (see the video) – I’m fairly confident that they’ll ace this one.  I can’t wait!

via Nerdist

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