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Jedward to make an appearance in Sharknado 3

11 Apr

So, in one swift move, Sharknado 3 is shaping up to be literally the worst film ever (I mean, it sounded awesomely bad before but now, it’s on another level entirely).

It is apparently going to feature the incredibly irritating tour-de-force of ridiculousness that is, Jedward. For the Americans in our readership, if you haven’t heard of them, this is one of those things you should have been thankful for on Thanksgiving all these years. Very thankful.

I’ll just put these here… You have been warned.

Via Unreality Tv

Rainbow Man

2 Dec

During my most recent perusal of the interwebs, I found an article about “Rainbow Man” over on Neatorama.

I’m not quite so sure they need to make a full length movie for it (because, wow, it’d be super bad, and even I’m not sure I could endure an hour and a half of it) – however, the trailer in genius and it definitely made me laugh so I thought it’d be worth sharing with you guys.


CDC website has official zombie apocalypse guidelines

31 Dec

I’m aware this may be old news for some (apparently it was first added way back in 2011) – but I didn’t know about it (not being American and all) so tough.  What supposedly started as a tongue-in-cheek joke has now claimed a place on the official CDC (the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) website.  Apparently they included a section on “Zombie preparedness” to reach new audiences and have now decided that it works quite well for other disaster situations too – so they’ve kept it on.  Muchos awesomeness.

That, or it’s so that when the zombie apocalypse eventually does happen, they can say “We told you to be prepared”…

Check out the guidelines


It’s been a while…

6 Jun

Hi guys,

I just wanted to say Thomas and I have both been pretty busy at our respective Two Geeks towers, but we should have something in the pipeline for you pretty soon…

[Insert suspenseful music here]
[Inexplicable explosion]


P.S. For now, I’d like to leave you with my favourite scene from Birdemic 2. Enjoy!

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