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Waiting for Moodot – GalCiv 3 Reviewed

23 May
Galactic Civilizations 3

Galactic Civilizations 3

I’ve been looking for a worthy successor to Masters of Orion 2 for a long time. To me (and many others), that remains a pinnacle of space 4X game design that has, sadly, never been fully duplicated. And while I’d still be thrilled if a game came along that gave me the same feeling I had playing MOO2 back in the day, now I’m content if a game can at least bring something new to the genre. So, how does Galactic Civilizations 3 fare? Continue reading

On and on and on: Endless Space Reviewed

14 Jan
Start Screen

Be prepared for a looong journey…

When I was young(er), I played the hell out of a little space strategy game series called Masters of Orion (MOO). It pioneered (or at least made popular) the 4x genre (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), and was brilliantly designed (except for the third game, which was a bit of a wreck). Games have come and gone since then, attempting to recapture the magic, but none have come close. So how does Endless Space compare? Continue reading