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Carpal Tunneling: A Casual Addict’s Review of Diablo 3

3 Jun

The first one’s free…

Ah, the 90’s – I remember it fondly. That decade gave us alternative rock, cell phones that didn’t suck, and the beginnings of the modern internet. It also gave us Reality Bites and the Spice Girls, so don’t go confusing it with a golden age.

The mid 90’s gave us a dungeon crawling clickfest called Diablo. I loved that game – a gauntlet-like action game with the levelling and loot of an RPG. A few years later came Diablo II. By then I was a little tired of the formula, and never really got into the game.

Then I promptly forgot about it for a decade.

Now, their third effort is out, with pretty graphics and the multiplayer muscle of battle.net behind it. And while I can’t help but wonder if the decade-long wait was really worth it, the addicting gameplay that hooked me the first time is (sadly, for my free time) still present. Continue reading