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Fido – the caring zombie

4 Nov

Hot off the heels of Shaun of the Dead in 2004 (which featured the idea of using zombies as slave labour – and to be honest, is probably not the first either), came Fido in 2006. It’s an indie zombie film starring Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from The Matrix) and Billy Connolly. It was bought for me by a friend who knows I love zombies and have an odd sense of humour.

It starts off by setting the scene with a cheesy ‘Zomcon’ infomercial. Zomcon have tamed the zombie threat with a neck brace which, when lit contains all the nasty zombie urges and makes them docile creatures. It’s set in an alternate 50s universe where radiation from a fallen meteor has screwed the human race and a different war happened – The Z War. It’s a place where “10% of people have funerals – most become zombies”. Apparently proper funerals are super-expensive (on account of the fact you now need two coffins – one for your body, another for your head). Continue reading