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Coming Soon – Civ in Space!

13 Apr

Firaxis has announced a spiritual successor to Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, called Civilization: Beyond Earth. I played the hell out of that game when it came out – I’m definitely looking forward to this release when it arrives in the fall…

Coming Soon – Poseidon Rex

9 Apr

A T-Rex that swims.

A T-Rex. That swims.

This looks pretty insane – in a good way. Definitely something to keep a watchful eye out for…

This Week in Geekery

7 Apr

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San Diego Comic Con

16 Mar

I got up early (for a Saturday) to try my luck at registering for Comic Con. It did not go well…

This Week in Geekery

8 Mar

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This Week in Geekery

21 Feb


With this post, we are introducing a new (and hopefully regular) segment to go over recent news in the world of Geekery. The plan is to start with one of these a week, and then go from there.

So, what has been happening recently?

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Squirrels: The horror movie

20 Aug

I just saw this on neatorama¬†and had to share. Someone is trying to make a feature-length film called “Squirrels” – a horror movie about killer squirrels! I don’t know about you, but I’d watch the hell outta this…