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16 Dec

I once worked with a huge Ridley Scott fan who, upon seeing this film, ranted for about a week solid about how terrible it was. (We’d then noticed that we could use the word “Prometheus” to send him into these hilarious rants at our will and got much amusement out of this.) Since then, not one person I’ve spoken to has said it was any good – in fact, many just make fart noises and proceed to complain about the gaping plot holes. With this in mind, I thought it high time I watched it for myself (and wrote about how terrible an experience it is).

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Review: Prometheus

9 Jun

Another sci-fi prequel?

Normally the movies I review are older and cheesier, but since cutting the cable a few months ago I’ve been struggling a bit in the post-SyFy world I now live in (thank God for Netflix, or I’d be completely devoid of gloriously cheesy movies in my life). With that said, I figure I’d take a look at a movie that *just* came out and, in fact, isn’t terribly cheesy after all.

Spoiler warning
I’ll try not to reveal (what I consider to be) any major plot points, but be forewarned.

After an extended absence from the genre, Ridley Scott is back with a new sci-fi movie, Prometheus. Whether it’s the spiritual or actual predecessor to his seminal film Alien I’ll leave for you to decide – though I did think it was pretty clear what it was. Continue reading

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