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Tail Sting [review]

21 Jan

Tail sting blurb

The blurb on the box says “Whilst in transit between Australia and the USA, a crate of genetically created scorpions are exposed to a dangerous unrefined oxegen.” Googling tells me that oxegen is actually a rock festival in Ireland, so I’m assuming they meant ‘oxygen’ – given the decided lack of U2 in this film. The box also says the plane ‘limps blindly in autopilot across the Atalantic…’ One – where is the ‘Atalantic’? Two – Shouldn’t they be over the Pacific?

The first thing that impressed me when I loaded this DVD was the menu – it’s nothing short of genius. An aliased font with a static photo of a plane moving diagonally across the screen? Yes.

The film kicks off with some desert scenes that look distinctly like they were filmed on an old-school mobile phone. They’re so shaky it’s quite painful to watch. This leads us to a scene in the world’s smallest airport. Hilariously, the security team literally yell ‘GUN!‘ and dive over the machines when they x-ray a bag with a gun-shaped lighter.

Those thinking ‘Low-budget Snakes on a Plane‘ will be interested to know that this was filmed in 2001 – way earlier. As such, I was quite disappointed that there was no “I’ve had it…” alternative line. There are, however, some really daft lines – “More people are killed each year by donkeys than plane crashes”, anyone? Someone actually says “That stings” at one point.

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